Accepting Applications!

Since Amelia is going off to college in Marquette MI this fall, Madrigal Threads is looking to hire or work with some sewers around Stoughton to make sure our service is still available in this area!

Currently accepting applications for Seamstresses/Tailors in Stoughton WI and surrounding areas and a Social Media Manager.

Job Requirements -- Seamstress/Tailor

* Previous experience with alterations, creating garments, and preferably some photography

* A 'portfolio' or 'costume resume' that shows some of the previous work you have done and the level you are comfortable with

* A private space you would feel comfortable inviting people to for fittings and alterations (must have some area such as a bathroom where the guests can change clothes)

* A sewing machine (if you use one) and other materials

* Time management skills (you will be building your own schedule, though you will need to finish projects in a timely manner)

* A friendly attitude and demeanor

Job Requirements -- Social Media Manager

* Understanding of social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and Google Sites

* Basic photo editing ability

* A 'portfolio' or social media page we can browse to see your personal style

* Time management skills (you will be building your own schedule, though you will have weekly expectations for posts)

* Interpersonal and collaborative skills (you will be working with the seamstresses/tailors to get in-progress photos as well as possibly contacting customers to get permission to share and photos of them in finished garments)

For more information, please contact us at or fill out the application form linked here.