Nearly A YEAR At Our Store Front!

It has been nearly a year since we got our storefront at 307 South Forrest Street in Stoughton! Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to finishing this year and every one to come after.

Here are some of our favorite finished projects! Learn More on the 'Finished Orders' page! Keep an eye out for the new additions and projects in the works.

Welcome To Madrigal Threads!

Hi there! We are excited to be able to help out with projects big and small, be it hemming a pair of pants, adding a patch, or creating a costume/gown! We are currently only taking requests and custom orders from Stoughton, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas due to COVID-19. We will hopefully be launching an Etsy site in the coming weeks in order to sell other, ready-made items! 

For more information about our staff, please look at our 'About Us' page!

All images which include a living person will be posted only with their consent. Additionally, if you want to use any pictures that are on this page or any other pictures associated with this page, please contact us to ask permission, we will contact any other parties. 

-- COVID-19 Policy --

Thank you for your support through the pandemic! At this time masks are not required for alteration appointments for fully vaccinated individuals. However, anyone is able to request or wear a mask to their appointment.

All associates of Madrigal Threads are fully vaccinated.

Madrigals 2023!

We are so excited to show you our new Madrigal dresses that will be featured on some of this year's Head Table Madrigal Singers!

Photo and creation credit: Beth Weitner


Walk-In's Welcome

Wednesday - 2pm to 6:30pm

Thursday/Friday - 3pm to 7pm

Saturday - 10am to 2pm

Walk-In Hours Are Changing

As of 02/13/2023 Walk-in Hours will be...

Wednesdays 2:30pm to 6:30pm

Saturdays 10am to 2pm

Upcoming Projects

Here are some sneak peaks at other upcoming projects by both Beth and Amelia! We are looking forward to showing off the next few Madrigal Outfits for Stoughton High Schools Madrigal Singers

To see them in action, you will need to keep an eye out on the streets of Stoughton while the singers are caroling in December or go to the Dinner hosted by the School this winter!

No Modeling experience is necessary to apply as the next models! Just DM us on Instagram or send an email and you are in the running!

Here are some sneak peeks of sketches for the upcoming Madrigal Threads Disney-inspired creations as well as some other projects coming up! 

Sketches are done by Amelia Rhinerson, and photos will be coming out soon for the Modern Belle gown! 

We do need your help though, we are looking for someone to model the Snow White-inspired gowns when they come out, and we need to decide which we do next! Take the survey to help choose who comes next!

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Payment Methods/Restrictions

At this time, some payment methods may be available with different sewers. 

Accepted by all members of the MT team: