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Here is the most recently finished project! Learn More on the 'Finished Orders' page!

Welcome To Madrigal Threads!

Hi there! We are excited to be able to help out with projects big and small, be it hemming a pair of pants, adding a patch, or creating a costume/gown! We are currently only taking requests and custom orders from Stoughton, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas due to COVID-19. We will hopefully be launching an Etsy site in the coming weeks in order to sell other, ready-made items!

For more information about our staff, please look at our 'About Us' page!

All images which include a living person will be posted only with their consent. Additionally, if you want to use any pictures that are on this page or any other pictures associated with this page, please contact us to ask permission, we will contact any other parties.

-- COVID-19 Policy --

Thank you for your support through the pandemic! At this time masks during alteration sessions and in-person consultations will be decided between the customers and sewer based on their comfort and vaccination status.

All associates of Madrigal Threads are fully vaccinated.

Upcoming Projects

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No Modeling experience is necessary to apply as the next models! Just DM us on Instagram or send an email and you are in the running!

Here are some sneak peeks of sketches for the upcoming Madrigal Threads Disney-inspired creations! Sketches are done by Amelia Rhinerson, and work is starting now on the Modern Belle gown! To follow along and meet the model before the final photoshoot, follow us on Instagram! We will be posting regular updates there for all our projects.

We do need your help though, we are looking for someone to model the Snow White-inspired gowns when they come out, and we need to decide which we do next! Take the survey to help choose who comes next!

Instagram Page

Payment Methods/Restrictions

At this time, some payment methods may be available with different sewers.

Accepted by all members of the MT team:

  • Cash

  • Checks (preferably only for payments of $75 or less)

Additional Payment services:

  • Amelia - Venmo (@madthreadsar)