Finished Customs

Latest Projects

We are so excited to be able to share some of the smiles that came from our costumes and products! We will be updating this page regularly with projects as they are finished up. 

All images are used with knowing consent by those photographed and any parents/guardians.

Madrigal Dress - Morgan

Our first madrigal/renaissance dress of the year is finished! Thank you to the amazing and talented Morgan for modeling this dress for us, and congratulations on being a member of SHS's 2022 Head Table!

 After the Madrigal Singers performances this year, this dress will be available for Sale/Rent.

Dress/Accessories - AmeliaPhotos 2 thru 5 - @Unclegabephotography on Instagram Dress Fabric - Craft Road Fabrics

Cinderella and Rapunzel

These 2 dresses were made by Amelia and are listed in the Esty store for sale if you would like to purchase one!

Each are handmade and have the measurements listed in their Etsy listings. 

Special care and new skills went into making each dress, with the patterns being drafted completely from scratch, hand painting the suns and Ombre dyeing the Rapunzel dress.

Hair, Makeup, and Photography was done by Amelia
Photo Editing software: Krita and inPixio Studio

More Quilts!

Beth has been working really, REALLY hard the last 2 months to fill out all the orders for quilts we have received, and here are some of our favorites!

In the images to the left there are the more traditional quilts from the last 2 months, and to the right there are the t-shirt and collage quilts! 
If you have any inquiries about a specific quilt or style, please send us a message! 

Amelia's Bunad

This project has been in the works for approximately a year, and while not perfect, it is definitely something I am proud of! All the materials were thrifted, gifted, or bought from local small businesses, and there is still so much that can be done! 

I am currently working on the small pouch/purse to go with it along with searching for socks and the correct shoes. As time goes on, I also plan to continue adding embroidery and embellishments to really make it unique.

Because it is on a mannequin that is DEFINITELY not my size, there is quite a bit of puckering and wrinkling, but unfortunately I am not talented enough yet to take pictures of myself and have them be presentable. 

All photos attached and items are made by Amelia Rhinerson

T-Shirt Quilt

Quilting is Beth's specialty, and she has been working hard on lots of them recently! Here is just a few of the T-Shirt quilts she has finished.

Quilt - BethPhotos - Beth

Saphria's Bunad

Though Syttende Mai doesn't look as it normally does, we are glad to have helped Saphria (Stoughton's Princess of Syttende Mai 2020 and 2021) to get her bunad fitted and some new pieces made!

We made a new undershirt and skirt for this princess and repaired and fitted her vest, which was made by a family member and worn by her grandmother. Hopefully, she will be able to continue wearing this Bunad for a long time to come!

Credits:Skirt and Undershirt - Amelia Rhinerson (Madrigal Threads)Photography - Amelia Rhinerson (Madrigal Threads)Photo Editing - Amelia Rhinerson (Madrigal Threads), using inPixio Photo Studio

Evelyn's Gown

Evelyn, we are so sorry that you haven't been able to live out your senior year as you had hoped to this year, especially regarding your Madrigal Dinner. We hope that this gown will bring a little bit of that holiday joy back to you this year! Maybe you can wear it next year or on a visit to a renaissance fair this summer! But if that can't happen, don't be afraid to just bust it out to wear around the house!

Credits:Gown - Amelia RhinersonHair and Makeup - Amelia RhinersonPhotography - Amelia RhinersonPhoto Editing - Amelia Rhinerson (using inPixio Photo Studio)

Amelia, finished her first dress this year! It is a Madrigal Gown made entirely from reclaimed, second hand fabrics! It was going to be used in the local High School's Madrigal Dinner on the Head Table, but due to COVID-19 she was not able to wear it on stage. We are very excited to show some more projects made by her soon, there should be some great things coming!

Credits:Gown, Muffler, and Head Piece - Amelia RhinersonCloak - Katherine Lord TutcherPhotography - Eric RhinersonPhotography Editing - Eric Rhinerson (using Kodak Photo Editing Software)

Madrigal Head Table Dresses That will be featured in the 2022-23 season

We are so excited to present this year's Madrigal Head Table gowns! 

This beautiful emerald, green Gown, with white and gold accents will make a wonderful addition to the Head table.

Credits:Gown- Amelia RhinersonPhotography - Amelia Rhinerson

Madrigal Head Table Dresses That will be featured in the 2022-23 season

We are so excited to see this dress in action! The gold and black accents will surely make this dress glisten wherever it may go. 

Credits:Gown- Amelia RhinersonPhotography - Amelia Rhinerson

Owen's Madrigal Attire

This attire for Owen was made by Beth Weitner, and it is fit for a king! The accents of green and gold make for an eye catching appearence! We wish Owen a fantastic Madrigal season! 

Credits:Attire- Beth WeitnerPhotography - Beth Weitner

Blanket restoration

These before and after pictures show a restoration from Beth Wietner of a Baby Blanket from the 1970's to a twin sized quilt! A fathers nostalgic childhood favorite passed on to his daughter-who now sleeps with it every night! Such a special project to work on!

Madrigal Head Table Accessories That will be featured in the 2022-23 season

A beautiful cloak and a matching bag too! The crisscross and gold chain detailing is absolutely stunning! The matching bag is an amazing addition to this cloak creating functional accessories to any dress! 

Credits:Gown- Amelia RhinersonPhotography - Amelia Rhinerson

Bunads of the 2023 Season

Here are two of our premade bunads made for the 2023 season! They are detailed to perfection! 

It's never too early to start planning for next year!

Credits:Bunads- Amelia RhinersonPhotography - Kailee Whitmire

Inspired by the Telemark region of Norway, this fesdrockt features hand-embroidered cuffs, detailed brocades, and a fabric belt with velvet found throughout! Not to mention it has pockets!

Picture and creation credit: Amelia Rhinerson