1. Consultation ($50)

  1. Collecting Materials

  1. Mock-up/Pattern Development ($100)

  1. Construction

  1. Final Changes/Fitting

Meet with Amelia or Beth to talk about and decide on what you want for your custom item and details on the timeline, expectations, budget, measurements, and other basic information. Payment for this stage is expected after consultation, before moving forward.--------------------------------------------------------------------We will go shopping for materials with you, or help you search online to find the best material for each part and to guide you on how much you will need. You are expected to cover the cost of the materials at the time of purchase. The shopping trip will be 45 minutes to an hour and one stop, with a fee of $20. Each additional stop or hour beyond will add $20 to the total. (Garment/Costumes)Quilt materials cost as follows: Twin $160, Queen $200, King $300. There will be no shopping trip necessary.--------------------------------------------------------------------(Applies only to clothing) At this stage we will be designing the patterns for your custom garment(s) and having 1-3 fittings to perfect the fit and shape. This will NOT use fabric purchased for the final garment, so it will not look exactly as the final garment will. The $100 charge will only be due once you are satisfied with the mock-up.--------------------------------------------------------------------With the finished patterns/designs we will start the construction of your final product. At this point we will be tracking labor and charging an hourly rate. This payment will not be due until you receive the finished product.--------------------------------------------------------------------The last chance to make changes to garments before you take it home. We will have one final fitting with all elements accounted for and ensure it is to your satisfaction. At this point we will give the final cost and ask for the final payment. Total quilt costs are listed below. If you are unable to make the final payment, or are in need of a payment plan, please ask us about what we offer.


T-Shirt/Memory Quilts Total Cost:

Twin: $260 (total) = $160 (after consult) + $100 (upon completion)

Queen: $360 (total) = $200 (after consult) + $160 (upon completion)

King: $540 (total) = $300 (after consult) + $240 (upon completion)

$40 off Double Sided T-Shirt Quilt (must have 40-50 shirts)


We have experience with:

Madrigal/Renaissance Costumes, Cosplay, Ball Gowns, Cloaks, Wedding Gowns, Bunads/Traditional Scandinavian Attire, Costumes, and Theatre Productions