The final price for any custom garments will be determined on a case-by-case basis. It will be calculated to include time, resources, and materials used for that project. You will be charged per item if you are getting an ensemble (such as a bunad or other multi-piece costume).

The first consultation to look at ideas and a timeline for a custom garment/ensemble will be $25. This can be done virtually (through Zoom) or in person. If this consultation is in person, masks will be discussed either over email or by phone before the meeting. At this time, we ask everyone to follow the CDC recommendations and to wear a KN95 or N95 mask if unvaccinated.

If you decide to have Madrigal Threads construct your custom garment, half of the final cost will be required upfront to pay for materials. This is to protect our seamstresses should something happen halfway through construction ending the project or putting it on pause. If canceled, the garment may be finished and put up for sale on our Esty site. At that point, any interested parties would be able to purchase the garment as a ready-made item.

Cost Breakdown

There is no perfect way to describe how your garments will be priced, as this will be discussed in your first or second consultation (depending on how much information we have before the first consultation)

We will take into account:

  • Materials

  • Predicted Work Time

  • Time Frame

  • Additional Costs

($25 cost for the first consultation will be paid separately)

For reference - these are for hypothetical situations, each garment will be different

1 Gown -- 10 yards fabric @ $10/yd., 25 hours work time, 3 week time frame = $450 ($200 due at beginning)

Wench Costume (3 piece garment) = $205 ($100 due at beginning)

Undershirt -- 2 yards fabric @ $4/yd., 3 hours work time = $35

Skirt -- 3 yards fabric @ $6/yd., 5 hours work time = $60

Corset/Cinch -- 4 yards fabric @ $7.25/yd., 10 hours work time = $110