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My Mustachio

Cheerful Bumblebee

Magical Unicorns

Perfect Pawprint

All of the masks listed here are limited edition! Get them while supplies last, cause we are not making any more once they are gone.

Each of these limited edition masks are $9 + shipping (orderable through our etsy site)

There is a special deal with the Harry Potter masks! You can get one of each in our 'Harry Potter Bundle' for a total of 5 masks and save $10 compared to buying them each individually.

Colorful Geometrics

Marvelous Music

Awesome Anchors

Pretty In Pink


Made To Order Items

Each of these adorable teddy bears are made to order and completely customizable. You can choose the fabric color, the accessory colors and items, and even send in your own fabric if you want a very specific fabric or something to remind you of someone else (anything from a blanket to a shirt). Only restrictions for sending your own fabric, it cannot be a loosely knit fabric or an afgahn blanket.

Each bear is $45 ($30 if you send in the fabric) and can be expected within a month of receiving the fabric.

If you are building or finding pieces for your Bunad (Traditional Norwegian Costume), this blouse is the perfect addition! You are able to choose the color (white, black, or navy blue) and the size based on your bust/chest measurements in inches (31, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40,42, 44, 48, or 50).

There are button holes on the cuffs, but no buttons (so you are able to match those to the rest of your Bunad!

$40 to 45 based on the color

(Last image in the carousel) There is only one of this blouse!


This dress is inspired by Rapunzel! It has 2 dresses included, the pink underdress (hand dyed purple Ombre and hand painted suns) with a zipper and the purple overdress (also hand dyed purple Ombre) with front lacing. Currently there is only one dress made, it is made to fit 9 to 12 year old or to the following measurements:

Bust - 28"

Waist - 25.5"


This dress is inspired by a well known princess ;) Hoopskirt and Crinoline not included.

There is currently only 1 made and it is sized to fit a 9 to 12 year old or someone with the following measurements:

Bust - 26.5"

Waist - 25.5"